There's nothing wrong with traveling alone

Bill Murray’s reaction in the film Groundhog Day when he realizes that he’s being forced to relive the same bad day every day when he awakens is classic. This look is also common, especially toward the beginning of April after battling midterms and finals.

A great way to get away and de-stress is to travel alone.

Traveling alone is a nice way to relax when your biggest stressor happens to be the people around you who constantly annoy you with rules and demands or too much neediness or unwanted attention.

While some people insist upon going out of town with lots and lots of buddies, senior Chelsea Spencer enjoys the serenity of going alone sometimes.

“The worst part of traveling with others is you don’t always get along with everyone,” said Spencer, who dreams of someday exploring Europe.

Traveling alone allows you to get to mold a schedule based on your interests and desires. Too many people picking places to go can become a disaster, especially if time is a factor.

Another perk is food. Some travelers love to experience the finest cuisine at any cost. However, many people prefer cost to taste.

Some people are willing to travel miles and miles across the land to explore a whole new world and then when it comes time to eat, they’ll choose a McDonald’s or Subway due to cost, familiarity and proximity to a hotel.

Traveling abroad can also lead to new opportunities for success.

The apparel, textiles and manufacturing program of EMU is offering a course from April 28 to May 3 where EMU students can get classroom credit by meeting with designers, product developers, wholesale reps and others in LA’s market vital to that industry.

California Lifestyle Brands is one of the companies that will be toured by professors Holly Mosher and Julie Becker as well as the talented students selected.

“Because of the high demand, each is required to write an essay for acceptance,” said Mosher. “We have made some lasting partnerships with many industrial professionals that have hired our students to intern or placed them in positions after graduation.”

Whether you need to escape the mundane or seek inspiration, traveling is an option.

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