Eagle on the Street

"I hadn't heard about it. I hope they get someone good to replace her," Anna Bolt, ECA student. 


Susan Martin announced Tuesday she will be stepping down as Eastern Michigan University President, the Eastern Echo asks "what do you think of her decision to resign?"


"I didn't even think she was going to resign, she has been great the time I have spent at EMU I will need to look into it more," Terrell Brooks, senior, sports performance and fitness entrepreneurship major


"I am pretty sad about it. I thought she was a pretty good president overall. I was part of the marching band and thought she was very supportive of that," Emily Gutman, senior psychology major. 


"I'm saddened by the decision because she was doing a competent job. I didn't agree with all her decisions, but I felt she was professional in every respect, especially in representing EMU," Mark Whitters, Professor of History and Psychology


"I was actually surprised. I thought she was a good president. I loved how she interacted with the students," Monica Townsend, sophomore, business management major. 


"I think she's a very down to Earth person. She listened to students, she's very approachable," Jalen Bently, freshman, athletic training major. 

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