Earn money while watching TV with Viggle

It’s not easy saving up money while in college when you have rent to pay, books to buy, a car note and other bills that put a damper on shopping for fun. Because of this, an app called Viggle has been created to help save money for college students and people on a budget alike.

Viggle is an app that allows its users to get rewarded for watching TV and listening to music. How may you ask? The first thing you do is become a member and start watching TV. It’s that simple.

While you are watching TV, Viggle has a real-time trivia game that helps users earn points that can be used to buy music, movies, TV shows and some items from online retailers.

Viggle has been on the market for a little over three years and caters to 7.9 registered users and growing. With Viggle getting more publicity, they have been trying to find more ways to offer more rewards to apply to their point system.

Recently, Viggle added a large library of ebooks and audiobooks that registered users can buy with points that they have earned.

Viggle also has perks like a partnership with DirectTV which allows users to earn 5,000 Viggle points at registration to new users, earn Viggle and DirectTV point for watching the same show and earn bonus points available to DirectTV subscribers.

They have also given Viggle users the ability to rent or own TV shows and movies from M-GO, the premium digital video-on-demand service and a joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation.

When football season comes and music and movies are the farthest from your mind Viggle is the perfect opportunity to earn points. Viggle allows football fans to predict game scores and earn points. Playing Viggle while watching football can earn a user more than 10,000 points.

When purchasing or renting media from Viggle users have to visit Viggle’s media store to explore what music, TV shows, ebooks and movies are available. The points for the media are quite steep. Rihanna’s new single BBHMM costs 3500 points, Season 16 of Law & Order SVU costs 92,000 points and the costs of points grow larger.

Don’t let this be a turn off because the more users engage in using the app the more points they will earn. A fun night with friends watching TV can be a night that a user ears a thousand points. It’s a couch potato's paradise.

To begin reaping the benefits of good bargains visit the Android Market or Apple store download the app.

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