EMU students shows off handcrafted merchandise at portfolio show

As Eastern Michigan University senior Crystal Minor sat at her table of hand-crafted jewelry, fancy business cards and a large portfolio book, she awaited to see what business representative would approach her next and question her about her passion for accessories and design.

On Monday, EMU’s apparel, textiles and merchandising program hosted a professional portfolio show from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom.

“I made jewelry because I want to do accessories, so I thought it would be a good opening piece and it even ties into my name,” said Minor.

During this portfolio show, the ATM students were able to put their best selves forward while industry professionals came to see their work. Students had the opportunity to be offered an internship or even a job, which is almost every college senior’s goal.

“It’s very time consuming because you have to make sure everything is perfect,” said Minor.

Design was far from the only talent displayed by the ATM students. Many students had goals to become buyers and displayed work of six-month plans while others displayed their talents through actual textiles, computer-aided designs and styling.

“My main focus is personal styling, I enjoy enhancing an individual’s personal style to captivate their best self,” said senior Keanu Palmer.

The students took the skills learned and work completed in previous classes in order to display what they can do in both physical and digital form.

“I was able to take a fashion entrepreneurship class where I developed a full business plan,” said Palmer.

Not only did the actual work of the students differ, but also the inspiration and concept behind their work.

“My inspiration really came from spending summers at the beach and one day I really want to live in California,” said senior Blake Boyle.

With palm trees and waves printed on everything and his own little bamboo plant on his table, Boyle really focused on the aesthetics and fluidity of his presentation table.

“I want to bring the west coast to the east coast and really show the whole brand identity aspect,” said Boyle. “Very black and white, modern and simple.”

The preparation for the show is accomplished through the Professional Seminar class, ATM 437, which is only taught during winter semesters by Holly Mosher.

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