Gas leak shuts down part of Leforge Road Bridge


A gas leak at the LeForge Road Bridge on Monday afternoon cut off parts of Ypsilanti from Superior Township. Ypsilanti Fire Chief Max Anthouard said they got the call about 3 p.m. Anthouard said that the leak occurred accidentally when a tree trimmer on the north side of the LeForge Road Bridge hit an unmarked gas line.

The Fire Department, along with Ypsilanti police and Washtenaw county sheriff's office, closed down the bridge both ways. Although they were allowing cars to leave Peninsular Place, they did not allow cars to go across.

Although the Ypsi Fire Department responded, it was not in city limits. The city limits of Ypsilanti stop at the river from LeForge Road to well past the UGA rowhouses north of the river, so this incident happened at a corner of city limits.

"Our two units responded mutual aid to do air monitoring and restricted access to dangerous zones. The incident is now closed," Anthouard said in an e-mailed statement.

The Washtenaw County Sherriff's office did not immediately respond to attempts for contact.

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