Student senate holds last committee meetings of the semester

Student Government held its Internal Affairs and Business and Finance committee meetings April 14 in the Student Center. The Public Affairs and Student Affairs committee meetings were canceled.

At the Internal Affairs committee meeting, Fatma Jaber spoke to represent her side of the story in the room dispute that was discussed at the last Internal Affairs meeting March 31.

Kalandria Robinson, director of Academic and Student Affairs said in the March 31 meeting Jaber had reserved the room for the remainder of the semester for Justice for Palestine.

Jaber presented emails between her and Brittany Cagle, director of services and events, proving that she only requested the room for March 31.

“Brittany is the one who canceled the room,”Jaber said. “I asked for the room for one evening, and all I said was, ‘I heard you weren’t using the room any more, can I have it for just one evening?’ She said yes. It seems like there was a miscommunication on the executive board’s end.”

Jaber was also displeased with how she was portrayed at the March 31 meeting.

“I think it could have been handled better. I did not come off as aggressive as I understand was said,” she said.

No action was taken over the room dispute because a solution was found at the previous meeting. The issue was open for discussion.

At the Business and Finance meeting, the Students for Justice in Palestine was granted $513.40 for a screening of the movie, “Occupation 101.”

After the meeting, there is $1,406.90 left in the budget for student organization allocations and $1,847.00 for club sports allocations.

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