Oh Honey performs at the Crofoot

Without further ado, Danielle Bouchard and Mitchy Collins took the stage in the dimly lit barroom at the Crofoot. Backed up by an electric guitarist, a drummer and a bass player, the duo known as Oh Honey began to play and took the crowd for a ride with their infectious happiness.

The indie-folk band from Brooklyn embarked on their first headlining tour, entitled “Postcards Across America.” Along the way, Oh Honey stopped by Pontiac to play this past Saturday, April 11.

The band kicked off with, “I Love You Will Still Sound The Same,” a song from their EP “With Love,” powerfully taking hold of a wide-eyed and smiling audience. Bouchard’s smooth voice and Collins’ deeper, rich voice played call and response with each other, bouncing back and forth in perfect rhythm to Collins’ catchy, folk-style guitar. The result was fantastically cheerful.

Their music was uplifting, never wavering with its optimistic, feel-good folk pop and vibrant, spirited choruses that echoed around the room. Every song was accented with plenty of Collins-encouraged clapping, swaying, singing and hand-waving from the audience.

Halfway through the show, Collins and Bouchard jumped down from the stage and formed a circle in the crowd for a campfire-like feel, giving a few heartfelt introductions before playing a sweet song called “A Thousand Times.” With nothing but a guitar and a voice to carry them, Oh Honey made their show personable and meaningful as they sang with the audience.

The duo took the stage again and ended with their best-known song, “Be Okay.” Oh Honey belted out the song with rousing support from the audience singing their lyrics back to them.

Oh Honey put on a brilliant live show, bringing the crowd to their feet with their genuine, bubbly style. The duo’s happy and light-hearted folk style make them the perfect band for a Saturday in the spring.

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