How to avoid the dreaded 'Freshman Fifteen'

One of a freshman’s greatest fears: the dreaded “Freshman 15.” Not everyone experiences a dramatic weight gain their first year of college, but there are certainly some who do and there are many ways to prevent it.

Eastern Michigan University’s professor of kinesiology at the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, Anthony Moreno, believes that in order to prevent the weight gain it is essential to understand why freshmen gain weight.

According to Moreno, many different things play a role in weight gain freshmen year. Freshmen need to learn to feed themselves around an irregular college schedule; mealtimes and snack times change from their norms. Parents are not making food for them every meal anymore. Alcohol intake leads to poor food choices and more calories as well.

Moreno believes the two key steps to preventing the Freshman 15 are to “maintain activity prior to college and to be creative in terms of preparing healthy snacks and meals.”

Often, students start off their freshmen year eating more than exercising and this is what leads to gaining weight. In order to maintain the weight they had at the start of their college career they need to equalize the calorie intake and exercise.

EMU provides many physical education courses that can help keep freshmen working out their body the first year here. EMU Dining Services offer many healthy choices at the Eastern Eateries, Crossroads, The Commons, Student Center and Eagle Cafés.

If an extra boost is needed for an 8 a.m. class then drink black coffee, no creamer. Creamer is fattening and adds more calories. Tea is a good substitute for coffee and it is shown to boost your metabolism. Also, make sure water is your main liquid source throughout the day.

Whether your choice is to eat healthy or not, always make sure you are focused on only eating during meals and snacks. No more eating while doing homework or watching Netflix. Overeating tends to occur when the brain is not focused on what is being put in the mouth. Multitasking while eating can lead to overeating.

Eastern Michigan University provides a wonderful place to stay in shape, the Recreation/Intramural Sports building (REC/IM). The REC/IM provides two pools, a sauna, fitness rooms, indoor track, soccer field and much more.

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Finding a workout buddy is another great way to keep any college student motivated. Coercing a roommate or a newfound friend into working out with you can help you keep your high school body.

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