Nine things I wish I knew as a college freshman

As a freshman we have all made many memories and many mistakes. Here are nine things that I wish someone would have told me during my freshman year at Eastern Michigan University.

1. Making more friends outside of your roommates and suitemates: Although being friends with your roommate and suitemates is really cool, it’s sometimes hard to do. It’s very important that you expand your circle to include more than just the people you share space with. As you go on in your college career some of your roommates could transfer schools or even move away and you could be left with no friends as an upperclassman. Freshman year is by far the easiest time to make a lot of friends because everyone is new. No one knows where to go or what to do so don’t be afraid to get out there, you never know who you might meet.

2. The Market Place: In between the three towers (Hoyt, Pittman, and Hill Halls) is a small café-styled eating spot called the Market Place. It is open to all, however if you are a student with a meal plan you can use those on the Einstein bagels or the cafeteria food that they have. If you have flex dollars, you can use those on everything in the store.

3. Choosing a major: It’s important to use your freshman year as a way to figure out who you are rather than who everyone wants you to be. In your first semester you should take time to go to as many different campus life events as you can. Talk to an advisor about the requirements of your major and what you can do with it. Try to join an organization; it will help you figure out who you are, what you like, and what you may want to do as a career.

4. Finding school gear: Ned’s and the sport shop inside the Rec/IM have the cheapest prices for school gear. Just in case you wanted to get any Eastern hoodies, sweatpants or anything like that, I would say to check out those locations before you spend an arm and a leg at the campus bookstore.

5. The Writing Center: If you want an A on any paper, it doesn’t matter what it’s about or what major it’s for, go to the University Writing Center (UWC) to get help. They give you constructive criticism and they really work with you to make sure you are following the guidelines your professor has set. Even if you think your proofreading method is foolproof, it’s always better to have someone with a trained editing eye to read your paper rather than you or your roommate. The UWC headquarters are on the first floor of Halle Library. If that one is ever too packed, you can always go to one of the many other locations in Pray-Harrold, Marshall, Owen, or Sill Hall.

6. Rate My Professors: Rate My Professors is an online website that lets you search through Eastern’s (or any college’s) roster of professors to see which ones are the best and most helpful. The site is based off of student reviews and comments and is a hidden gem. Even if you can’t get the professor that you want for whatever class, it helps you know what to expect with the professor that you end up choosing.

7. Private study rooms in Halle Library: From the second floor up there are big and small private conference/study rooms that you can use if you don’t want to study in one of the open study areas.

8. Reloading your flex dollars: Please know that if you ever run out of flex dollars you or your parent or guardian can just put some more on the card using the website or number on the back of your student I.D.

9. There are more computer labs than the Student Center and Halle Library: If you have to do your paper at the last minute or are trying to rush to print something out, there normally is a computer lab or printing station at every academic building. Just ask around and normally people can point you in the right direction of a printing station or computer lab close to wherever you are on campus.




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