Ten tips you might not have gotten at freshmen orientation

It’s that fun time of year when first year students gather advice from group leaders carrying around flashy signs around campus. Here are a few vital tips that might slip under the cracks during orientation.

1.) If someone offers you a free coupon book, accept it. It’s hard to have fun while you are broke, so those buy one get one free bowling coupons could come in handy later in the semester.

2.) The EMU geese by University Park are crazy. Besides honking and aggressively blocking your path while you walk, these mean creatures also have a tendency to leave lots of “surprises” on the ground, watch your step.

3.) Forget Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, the best sandwich in the area is the Cheesesteak Hoagie from Gabriel’s on Michigan Ave.

4.) You are not a superhero. Junior Ben Karsten, a Business Administration major said, “Know your limits. If you take on too many work hours while going to school, you’ll wear yourself out real quick.”

5.) Search campus for a restroom in a non-busy area. The busiest places on earth are the second or third floor Pray-Harrold bathrooms five minutes before any class begins. You do NOT want to be there when nature calls.

6.) You remember that weird looking guy who would say the strangest things in high school that nobody would ever associate with? Befriend him, it turns out that he will most likely be the funniest, most interesting and perhaps the most loyal friend you will meet.

7.) Never buy textbooks unless you really have to. A lot of the time with Gen-Ed classes, most of the stuff you need to know for the exam will be explained during class. If you don’t skip and take good notes, you should be good.

8.) Tired of campus food? Don’t get fast food, instead try a local restaurant. There are so many cheap options like Gyros at Abe’s Coney Island and Lucky Garden’s lunch specials, plus they taste really good.

9.) EMU Football games are actually very enjoyable to go to. It’s free to attend with your student ID card and the offense is fun to watch.

10.) Enjoy your time here with your peers. “You won’t remember the grade you got in that freshman English class, but you’ll never forget the great people you meet at EMU,” said Sam Plymale, a recent EMU Public Relations graduate.

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