Academic advisors are here to help with majors, careers, classes

Academic advisors can assist students in choosing a major or career, managing classes, finding a job, and encouraging students to develop professionally.

Befriending an academic advisor this semester may be a good idea for you. Students with undeclared majors or students with general education requirements left to fulfill can be helped by academic advisors in the University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC).

The UACDC can provide you with materials to improve your career search, such as Type Focus, O*Net Online, and the Occupational Outlook Handbook. They also show you possible jobs provided by certain majors.

Michael Cuevas, an EMU freshman, had a good experience with the academic advising services that he received.

“They helped me a lot when it came to scheduling my classes. They gave me a great schedule that allowed me to take time in between classes to study or do last minute problems,” said Cuevas.

Declared majors can meet with a faculty advisor in their academic major department or they can seek help from the College Advising Center.

The UACDC’s website holds a lot of helpful information as well at To schedule an appointment call (734) 487-0400. Their office is located in 200 McKenny Hall.


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