Carnival at the Commons brings students together

Carnivals have an ability to bring people together and it’s no stranger that food does as well. The Commons on Eastern Michigan University’s campus decided to bring these two ideas together, creating a fun event for students.

Carnival at the Commons occurred Thursday, September 24, and while it is usually known for its food, one student on campus will remember it for something different.

“The tiger is so big, I thought it was real.” said Alaura Hanks, a junior Psychology major who marveled at a giant stuffed tiger.

Moments like these show just how much thought and detail was put into the event. Stuffed tigers in a cage, a smiling person running a popcorn machine, and a giant seal statue were some of the things that really brought the atmosphere to life.

The carnival had two clowns who managed to put smiles on just about everyone’s face. The clowns created balloon art for anyone who picked from a list of options. They also greeted everyone who walked by with a joke.

“I can’t believe that clowns sing,” said Hanks, smiling as she looked to the person across the table.

Moments like Hanks occurred all over. The Commons was filled with so many people that even the back seating area for athletes was used.

This event showed us that it doesn’t take a large budget to make the students happy, but attention to detail and great food can go a long way.

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