Ford Gallery exhibit brings together art from all over the region

The recent exhibit in the Ford Gallery, Emergence – ’15, brought together graduate art students from all over Michigan to display their artwork at Eastern Michigan University from Sept. 8 to Sept. 24.

Many students said they found the exhibit to be exceptionally beautiful.

“The art is very contemporary and deals with art topics that young people find amusing,” said Lauren Mleczko, a fine arts major at EMU. “The artists mostly use traditional techniques.”

The gallery had artwork such as beaded rugs and studded rocks, which gave the gallery a different feel to the artwork.

“The show is dealing with modern topics with some traditional methods,” said Helen Vachon, another fine arts major, who helped with the process of putting the art gallery together.

Vachon said she was amazed by the gallery.

“This kind of art captures young people’s attention and is very well done,” she said. “It’s great that we have people from the area coming to show and share their art.”

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