Freshmen reflect on their first week at EMU

Being a freshman in college could be best described as awkward. You’re not at home anymore. Your mommy isn’t going to wake you up for class when you overslept.

“It’s completely different from high school,” said Kerri Revels, freshman biology major at Eastern Michigan University.

It’s a whole different ballpark for all of the freshmen and new students. Still learning the campus, we often walk around like kids in a candy store.

The first weekend was full of exploring, finding parties, and just trying to have fun. Then, classes came… many of us weren’t aware that on the first day, it may be more than just going over the syllabus. Scrambling to do homework, studying for tests that haven’t even come up yet, it seemed as if we were losing our minds.

“I had to get adjusted to the amount of freedom that I’ve been given, but overall I had a good first week,” said Honorè Washington, an EMU freshman studying marketing and public relations.

Now that a week of classes has gone by, it seems like there is a sigh of relief. We are beginning to get used to walking to those classes, even if they’re at 8 a.m., and having some late nights and early mornings.

It isn’t like high school at all, but there’s no way that I would go back. There is a host of different things to complain about, but there’s a lot to love.

“My first week at EMU was great. My professors are friendly. I’m networking with a diverse set of people, and the scenery of EMU is helping me to excel,” said Somer Strickland, an EMU freshman studying arts and entertainment management.

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