Students celebrate German-American Day


More than 100 students, faculty and staff members from EMU and other high schools gathered to celebrate the annual German-American Day Monday afternoon, Oct. 5 in the Student Center auditorium. The theme this year was Lichtenstein, Austria and Switzerland which abbreviated to LACH, or “smile” in German.

Carla Damiano, professor in the German department, attended the event.

“This is the first year that we have not focused on Germany,” Damiano said. “It's exciting to get information and input about other German-speaking countries.”

Festivities included several presentations on these countries’ cultures, languages, food, history and geography.

Senior Scott Fleming also attended the event.

“I really enjoyed learning about Lichtenstein,” Fleming said. “I had no idea they shared such an economic system with Switzerland.”

The presentations were then followed by a typical Austrian dinner in the Student Center ballroom. Attendees were served schnitzel, cabbage salad, rice, and of course, apple strudel and coffee.

“I love the time to interact with our guests/participants at the dinner,” Damiano said.

During the dinner, everyone was also able to participate in a raffle in which contestants won prizes such as gift certificates, t-shirts and flags.

Silvia Grzeskowiak, a lecturer in the German department, said she thinks the day was a real success.

“I always love being able to celebrate my heritage with other people who come from similar backgrounds,” Grzeskowiak said.

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