MSA and Student Government collaborate to host Hijab Week

To present a day in the life as a Muslim woman, the Muslim Student Association, in collaboration with Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government, will be hosting Hijab Week in the Women’s Resource Center, room 356 of the Student Center.

Starting Monday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Hijab Week is a week-long event where students can participate in trying on free hijabs and wearing them for a day or for the whole week. There will be volunteers to help with the fitting.

A hijab, or headscarf, is typically worn by a female Muslim as a principle of modesty.

“This event helps people realize what it’s really like to be a Muslim in today’s society – the burden that is carried in wearing the religious headscarf and the constant discrimination experienced by these women who decide to wear the hijab,” vice president of MSA, Dalinn Yasin, said.

After the fittings, there will be a panel discussion and dinner Nov. 4 in the Student Center room 310B at 5:30 p.m. Students will have a chance to discuss their experience wearing a hijab, learn more about the hijab and ask questions.

“Students can look forward to a new and great experience if they decide to participate in this event and they can expect two great speakers,” Yasin said.

The guest speakers are Najiyah Mayfield-Helwani and Jenn Crooker, who will be going over more about the hijab and their experiences.

“This event is fun because it won’t just be a boring lecture where we throw information at the audience, but a continually interactive and engaging experience for students who decide to participate,” Yasin said.

Students can earn LBC credit for participating in the fittings and attending the discussion.

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