What's in your backpack?

It’s no secret that what we wear and how we accessorize can say a lot about who we are as individuals. This statement holds true for our backpacks as well. Whether it’s for the color, size or durability, there’s a reason why everyone chooses the backpack they do.

Junior cognitive impairment elementary special education major, Rebecca Middleton, sports a neon yellow and blue North Face backpack.

“I chose it because I like to go hiking, so it’s great for that,” said Middleton. “It also has clips in the front which give me proper support because I carry a lot of things.”

She said her daily meditation book is the most interesting thing she carries.

“I like to keep this in here so I can read it between classes or if I have some extra time,” she said.

In the case of Grace Poorman, a junior majoring in Product Design and Development, the most interesting thing she keeps in her orange crossbody bag is a red computer mouse shaped like a car.

“I got it at Big Lots and it’s literally my best purchase of 2015,” Poorman said. “The headlights even work.”

Freshman nursing major, Erica Frye, flaunts a soft gray backpack.

“It’s my favorite color and matches everything I have,” Frye said. “I always have pens with me because I do a lot of writing. I also have a book that my Writing 121 Professor wrote called ‘Bare-naked Travel.’”

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