Campus Life hosts laser tag in Student Center

The EMU Student Center Grand Ballroom was transformed into a war zone Tuesday as hundreds upon hundreds of campus warriors deployed for some serious laser combat.

Students braved lines that lasted over an hour and a half as Campus Life hosted Laser Tag, an evening of fun where students donned equipment, grabbed laser guns and battled each other in a dark room filled with foam obstacles, cool lighting effects, and of course, loud music. After all, what would an intergalactic laser battle be without “Sandstorm” blaring in the background to pump up the troops?

For those who have never played laser tag, think of it as a cross between Star Wars and paintball, except that you won’t get your clothes dirty or receive painful bruises from being shot by a speeding ball of paint.

Laser tag played in tight quarters is a perfect mix of strategy and athleticism suitable for people of all ages and activity levels to partake in. It also provides a great way to release pent up frustrations from your classes.

Kalandria Robinson, health administration major and Campus Life employee, said she feels that laser tag provides a wonderful way to get rid of some stress.

“This is a nice way for students to have some fun on campus and relax from your classes,” said Robinson.

With lines to the Ballroom stretching out way past the second floor information desk, past the Admissions Welcome Center and almost near Starbucks, by the time 7 p.m. hit, one could say that EMU must be really stressed out this semester.

Stress release, however, isn’t the only reason students attended the event.

Maia Tibbs, a freshman accounting student and an avid fan of the game, said, “Laser tag’s very active, you get to shoot at people and run around a lot, it’s very fun.”

One of the goals of Campus Life is to provide the EMU community with ways to have fun and meet each other, which is something that junior Phelps Hall RA and public relations major Andrea Mellendorf greatly enjoys.

“Going to campus events builds communities and it can really help students become more successful in getting their education,” she said.

Despite the long wait time, there were nothing but smiling faces from everyone exiting the makeshift battle zone, as well as people bragging to their squad mates about being the winner.

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