Ritzenhein to talk about his perspective on DIA

Eastern Michigan University professor Don Ritzenhein, a board member at the Detroit Institute of Art, will talk about his perspective on the museum.

Eastern Michigan University Professor Don Ritzenhein of the communication, media and theater arts department will give a talk on his perspective of the Detroit Institute of Arts from 8:30-9:30 p.m., Tuesday, in the King Hall Lounge.

The EMU chapter of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and AMP! will also be present. The NLA is a national alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to educating, preparing and certifying professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. AMP!, Amplifying the Arts, is a student organization that aids student artists in making connections with audiences, venues and opportunities.

Ritzenhein is a board member at the DIA, so he has seen the organization go through some turbulent times, such as the Detroit bankruptcy and the Grand Bargain. These were very crucial events that threatened the existence of the DIA. Ritzenhein will be sharing his personal perspective on those times Tuesday evening.

The event is only open to EMU students. For more information on this free event, contact Lora Stevens at nonprofit@emich.edu.

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