Eagle on the Street, Nov. 1

"“It kind of depends on how I think I do. I take a deep breath after. Mostly, not having midterms on my mind is a celebration enough. I hang out with friends and binge watch TV."

Gwendolyn Parks, freshman, speech-language pathology major


With midterms coming to a conclusion, Eastern students are finally getting a chance to come out of their studying caves and Eagle on the Street was there to ask: How do you celebrate the end of midterms?

By Nafiah Khan / The Eastern Echo

“I celebrate the end of midterms by wanting to go out and take all of my papers, gather them together and light them on fire. Then I realize I’ll need them for my finals so I hold on to them and just sleep instead.”

Marisa Giliam, freshman, anthropology and biology major

By Nafiah Khan / The Eastern Echo

“Sleep. I don’t get to do any of that the week before studying, and the week of I am too anxious to sleep, so I definitely catch up on some sleep.”

Monét Blanchard, senior, criminal justice major

By Nafiah Khan / The Eastern Echo

“I go back to my dorm and eat food and take a nap. I de-stress from the test, and if I think I did good, I’ll get something special to eat.”

Kaitlin King, sophomore, environmental science major

By Nafiah Khan / The Eastern Echo

“I go out to dinner.”

Joshua Smith, freshman, criminal justice major

By Nafiah Khan / The Eastern Echo

“I hang out with friends or go out for dinner with family.”

Katie Wegiel, junior, public health major

By Nafiah Khan / The Eastern Echo

“I go home and relax and don’t worry about school. I catch up on my shows I didn’t get to finish on Netflix.”

Josie Diedrichs, sophomore, biochemistry major

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