Fun, easy turkey-themed treats

With Thanksgiving being just a few days away, it’s easy to get into the spirit with some turkey-themed desserts to spice up your dinner tables this Thursday. These recipes are easy and fun, so no sweat if you’re preparing them right before dinner.

Turkey Oreos: All that’s needed for this dessert is candy corn, Oreos, frosting, Red Hot candy and mini Reese’s cups. Use the frosting as your glue, give your turkey cookie as many candy corn feathers as you’d like and be sure to be precise when giving your creation it’s tiny eyes.

Turkey Style Fruit PlatterThis quick and simple platter is cute and will be appreciated by all ages. For this you’ll need: grapes, bananas, strawberries, a pear and some pretzels. Just lay all the fruit out in feather style and use the pear, cut in half, as the body of the turkey. For the eyes and beak, a bit of frosting or candy is the way to go.

Turkey Crackers with Style: This creation could be the simplest yet. You will need peanut butter crackers, M&M’s, frosting and candy corn. Use the M&M’s as shades for your turkey cookie. Use the frosting or more peanut butter to stick your candy corns in the sides of the cookies as feathers.

These are quick and fun and you can get your hands messy and let your food creativity shine while waiting for the main course.

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