EMU alum creating original board game, Make Me a GOD

Eastern Michigan University's students go on to do a lot of different things once they graduate. Some succeed, some fail and some make board games. That is what EMU alum Jason Buxenstein is doing.

The new game, Make Me a GOD, based on Greek mythology, is still in the works.

The table top game allows players to play with demigods, monsters or heroes in a race to go to different temples while obtaining various powers based on the powers of the ancient Greek Gods.

The one who gets the most powers the fastest, wins by becoming immortal. Each player must get six powers without dying. The other players can control up to 3 characters at once who are competing.

“I had tons of ideas for different games,” Buxenstein said in an emailed interview. “I have always been a fan of Greek mythology so I was naturally drawn to the concept of the game.”

Buxenstein, who lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., said he discovered he was good at game concepts, but not art software or drawing. He formed a team to help him, including designer Melanie Govea. They are working with AdMagic, which worked on games like Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, for packaging and printing.

The game is made for everyone 10-years-old and up. There is no tournament as of yet, since the game is not out yet there is no fan base. Buxenstein said that if the game is a success, an app for iPhone and Android could be on the horizon.

A kickstarter to fund the creation of the game was launched Nov. 11 and will be open until Dec. 10. Afterwards, the game will be available on buxxgamestudio.com and Amazon.

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