Pinky Promise brings reality T.V. show reverends to take about the Proverbs 31 woman

Pinky Promise brought reverends from the reality T.V. show, "Pastors of Detroit," to EMU.

Eastern Michigan University’s Pinky Promise invited Elder Rev. Cheryl Crawford Sangster, Pastor Timothy Alden and Rev. David Bullock to speak about the Proverbs 31 woman, the virtuous woman, Friday afternoon in McKenny Hall.

Pinky Promise is an organization that promotes honoring God with your life and body whether you’re single or married.

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith, public relations major and Pinky Promise president, said the organization is a women’s Christian organization.

“We strive for purity and multiple facets for God with an emphasis [on] no sex until marriage,” Burgess-Smith said.

Lorraine McKnight, senior career coach in the University Center for Advising and Counseling said she believes it is important to remind people of their value to God in terms of how society sees us.

“[This event] was very good,” McKnight said. “It is reminding people, not just women, of their value in the lord. In our society, where Pastor Alden said, our society tells us that we’re nothing and that our only value comes in how we can please other people. So this was really good.”

Bullock broke down the concept of the Proverbs 31 woman and what the idea entails.

“I thought Rev. David was very encouraging and very clear on his beliefs,” a senior fine arts major, Holly Young said. “Also, being able to encourage Pinky Promise people to stand by what a Proverbs 31 woman is. I’m glad that he was able to break it down for people to understand.”

The Proverbs 31 woman is presented as advice that Lemuel’s mother gave to him in the proverb. She said he should reign as a King and specified what he should find in a virtuous wife.

“It made me think about what kind of man he needs to be for this 31 woman,” Sangster said. “She’s telling him all he needs to find as King, but she’s not really expounding about the qualities and attributions he needs to have as a man who is going to cultivate and cherish and treasure and value the Proverbs 31 Woman.”

Alden closed out the event by discussing current culture’s choices, consequences and how to live promising lives to God.

“We currently have a culture that is completely out of control as it relates to how men and women relate to each other,” Alden said. “Every choice you make has a consequence. Sex is that good to effect your whole life and your whole destiny.”

She said this event can enlighten students on different aspects in their lives for them to reflect on.

“We need that picture of what is good,” senior health administration major Breshay Warnsley said. “For me, I battle with what is good for me and what is not good for me. I am caught in my spiritual journey as well so this was a good reflection on where I should be and what things I should focus on in becoming the woman I want to.”

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