SELF Project is a 'safe haven' for women

From left, Morgan Randall, Tanasia Moore and Dalzchane Baker.

Twenty-five women attended the weekly SELF Love meeting Friday evening in the Student Center.

Many who attended described the organization as a safe haven for them. They said it was a very supportive and laid back environment where almost everyone shared personal experiences.

“I think it’s interesting to see how everyone has such different lives and paths but we all experience the same situations,” said Dalzchane Baker, a junior public relations major.

Baker said she joined the origination before it was official and has stuck around since the beginning.

The meeting was run by the president and the co-founder of the SELF project, Tanasia Morton, a junior political science major.

Upperclassmen that join the organization become mentors and underclassmen become mentees. The mentors and mentees are carefully paired together by Morton.

The women support each other as they transition into college and attempt to achieve their goals. When discussing the definition of self-love, Morton said she believes it is “self-inflicted happiness.”

Morton said everything in the acronym SELF, success, education, leadership and friendship, are affected by self-love.

Morgan Randall, a sophomore psychology major, said she found out about the organization on Instagram. She said she was interested because she herself was interested in starting an organization with qualities similar to the SELF project.

Randall is a mentee and holds the membership chair on the executive board of the organization. She said she really enjoys the leadership aspect of the organization.

“SELF love is a work in progress,” Randall said. “Many things can and will happen with this organization. I see such a positive light towards it.”

The organization, meets every Friday. For more information on the organization, email Tanasia Morton at

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