Student Government Public Affairs Committee supports printing money rollover system

The Public Affairs Committee passed S. Res-102-04, which will implement a printing money rollover system at its regular meeting, Tuesday evening in the Student Center. The resolution will be voted on at the next Senate meeting.

The resolution, authored by Senator Joshua Starr and supported by Senator Arhum Arshad, urges Eastern Michigan University’s computer technology department to rollover printing dollars from the fall semester to the winter semester.

Starr said he has not yet discussed the summer printing money allotment but he said it might be possible.

“I want to start off with this,” he said. “In the future we can move towards something like that, but for right now I think fall and winter is good enough.”

Starr said in the resolution that this system would “ensure that the Student Body’s money is being fully utilized.”

The committee also discussed its coming Drag Show, which is to be held in March. The proceeds from t-shirt sales for the show will be donated to a local charity.

Maya Rich, director of social justice, said Student Government is limiting the performers to those with experience.

“We are going to have people come in from the community who do it professionally and get paid to do it,” Rich said. “But I also know students who do it but haven’t been doing it as long so they aren’t getting paid for it yet. But, they do have a drag persona and they have been doing drag for an amount of time.”

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee passed S.Res.-102-03 to support the requirement of an economic and financial training course for incoming freshman.

The resolution resolves that ECON 103L, Economics of Living, become a mandatory general education requirement. The class is currently a non-mandatory part of the general education requirements.

Starr said this resolution is the first push for the initiative.

The committee also discussed holding a second Don’t Blame it on the Alcohol event. The training session counts towards GLASS 1 and 2 certification and re-certification. The first session was held Nov. 3.

The Internal Affairs Committee passed S.Res.-102-05 to amend typographical and grammatical errors in the bylaws.

Seven student organizations and club sports were allocated funds at the Business and Finance Committee.

They are as follows:

  • EMU Club Golf received an allocation of $1,158 to pay for tournament dues.
  • Righteous@EMU was allocated $2,550 to hold an event.
  • EMU Men’s Club Lacrosse was granted two allocations for $2,412.80 and $3,150 to pay for dues and referee fees.
  • The Public Relations Student Society, Eleanor Wright Chapter, received an allocation of $785.61 to host a conference.
  • Iota Iota Iota was allocated $1,845.50 to hold a conference.
  • EMU Gymnastics was granted $4,326.25 to pay for fees and uniforms.
  • IMAGE received an allocation of $642.17 to host an event.

The next regular Senate Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m., Nov. 17, in the Student Center, Room 320. For the full Student Senate meeting schedule, go to the Student Government website.

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