Students share memories abroad in photo display

Eastern Michigan University students shared their special international moments through photography in the Student Center gallery Nov. 16 – Nov. 19. Photographs ranged from historically significant locations to gorgeous scenery. Each photograph represented a moment that profoundly moved the photographers.

Stephanie Porcari’s “Opportunities”features the ancient architecture of Norba, Italy. Porcari originally thought it to simply be a photograph of architecture. Porcari said that this photograph is a reminder that “there may be times that I see my walk through life as limited and restricted, [but] opportunities to grow are awaiting me up ahead.”

Brian Bruya’s photograph, “China 1997 and 2015,” captured his journey visiting Confucius’s travels in China at two different time frames. He recreated photographs from his 1997 visit to China with photos from when he visited this past summer. Each picture is taken eighteen years apart from each other.

“Risks,” photographed by Kelsey Hart, captures her excitement of traveling in a photograph. According to Hart, “This photograph shows the risks I took to get to Europe, quit my job, and the risks while there.”

“Untitled,” by Margaret Woodward, was a reminder of peace to be among the international chaos we are experiencing today. Her photo captured the Wall of Peace, located right outside of the Eiffel Tower. Peace is written in many different languages on this wall. She said she “felt emotionally connected to this sight, relating to my time learning and living through the eyes of someone of another culture.”

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