Truck catches fire in front of EMU campus

A U-Haul truck caught fire in front of Ypsilanti Water Tower around 10:30 Thursday morning.

Terry Daniel of Detroit, Mich. was the passenger of the truck.

“Smoke came from the inside,” said Daniel. “ We didn’t notice until it got [to the water tower].”

The Ypsilanti Fire Department member on site stated that “the car overheated and had poor maintenance on the vehicle.”

One of the witnesses to the fire was Eastern Michigan University photographer Randy Mascharka who called the fire department.

“Two guys just jumped out of the truck when they saw it was on fire,” said Mascharka. “One of them pulled his lunchpail [out of the truck].”

“Pretty soon it’s just dripping flames, you know, flaming oil,” said Mascharka. “Looked like an oil fire in the engine and pretty soon the whole cab was going up [in flames].”

Nobody was injured in the fire.

Video from Eastern Michigan student Jacob Weber

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