Students share the best gifts they've ever received

When asked “What’s your favorite holiday gift?” EMU students seemed a bit stumped by the question—mainly because there were too many to choose from.

Ashley Woodworth, sophomore, said that her favorite gift was a tie blanket.

“It’s a Michigan state one and my mom made it for me,” she said.

As for her worst gift ever, Woodworth said, “I don’t really get bad gifts.”

This was a common theme that seemed to run around the campus. Students seemed to be getting nothing less than what they love.

Robert Bell, freshman, said the perfect gift that is always on everyone’s mind is food.

“I would have to say that burnt greens were the worst,” he said.

Even when asked more on the subject, Bell would not change his answer, he was just too in love with food. But his dream gift, he said, would be “a Tahoe, for whatever the latest year is.”

Not all students had material things on their mind when it came to gifts for the holidays. Sarell Elise had only one thing on her mind when it came to her dream gift.

“My boyfriend,” she said. “He’s coming back from the marines for Christmas.”

Elise also commented on the fact that she had never received a bad gift and said that one of the best gifts she received was just being able to be around her family.

Although the semester is coming to a close and the holiday music is becoming even more annoying, students can rely on the fact that they have family, food and love to keep them happy during the holidays.

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