Being safe and prepared for winter

It’s the beginning to a new year my fellow students; winter semester is officially in session! As the weather has begun to break, here are a few tips to help survive this Michigan winter on campus.

Winter is a dangerous season between car accidents and sickness, so it is vital to try and stay safe and warm. Remember to always dress appropriately.

To the ladies of Eastern Michigan University, when the snow starts to stick to the ground it’s time to retire the UGGs. UGG boots are not winter boots ladies and if you want to participate in slipping on ice this winter you’ll take my advice. Appropriate winter boots that are non-slip and durable during harsh weather is recommended. Boots with a rubber sole is a better candidate for the winter season.

Especially for commuters, below are a few helpful tips to help you this winter on the road:

1. Anti-freeze/Coolant: A little goes a long way. It is important to keep at least one bottle in the car this winter as the heat will be on in your car draining it out, so your car won’t over-heat.

2. Ice Scraper: An ice scraper protects the windows/windshields of your car when ice is frozen on them. Ice scrapers prevent any scratches or cracks in the windshields of your car when you need to remove the ice.

3. Bag of Salt or Kitty Litter: You never know when this might come in handy when you’re out driving on the road. When the road is horrible and the ice trucks haven’t gotten a chance to salt the street it’s important to have some in the truck of your car just in case you get stuck.

4. Fix-A-Flat: In case of a flat tire, because of ice on the road, a bottle of fix-a-flat can help the tire get air or at least enough so you can reach your destination.

5. Flashlight (plus replacement batteries): Not knowing when your car may be stuck in a pile of snow is scary, especially if it in a dark area. Carrying a flashlight in your car may bring a little security to your soul if you can at least see in the dark.

6. Road Flare: In case of an emergency a road flare can grab the attention of a driver on the road to stop and help. 

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