Does the Student Center have enough room for students?

Space in the Student Center for students to hang out has been shrinking since the construction of the building. How the space within it is being used has been a topic up for debate each time it adds something new.

The EMU Student Center is known to be one of the most impressive student centers in the United States, costing $40.5 million to construct and was also ranked #4 out of 25 most amazing student centers in the United States, beating the University of Michigan ranked #7, according to The question raised though is how much is the Student Center at EMU really for the use of students?

In May of 2015, a commonly used sitting area used for club activities and studying was replaced with office space, which is currently used by the Office Orientation Program. The Orientation Program aids transfer students and their families and assists with course orientation.

Some students, such as Kyle Bartle, think the way the space is being used does not coincide with the purpose of the Student Center.

“The Student Center is for students,” he said. “Me and my friends used the third floor all the time, it was a great place to hang out away from all the noise of the first and second floor and now it is just offices.”

Another student, Jo’El Williams, said that the offices in place still maintain the purpose of the Student Center by serving students.

“I still think it’s about students, but it’s not being used by students, but to help students,” Williams said.

Alumnus Rob Croy, former member of the gaming club Dungeons and Dreadnoughts said the Student Center should be strictly used for student activities.

“The Student Center is for students, if they are going to take away space from the students in the freaking Student Center then they need to make it easier for students to get [private] rooms or make more space,” Croy said.

As of right now, the only space that has been reallocated for students has been the Meditation room, which remains on the third floor.

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