Do's and Don'ts for Super Bowl Sunday

Whether you go for a party, actually watch the game, enjoy just the halftime show or watch for the commercials, many people partake in the experience of Super Bowl Sunday. Each year, someone goes to a party, or hosts one in which they indulge in all of the activities associated for the game. The following is a list of things you should and should not do during this Sunday that will put you at the top of the game for all the festivities.

Do go to a party this year. A Super Bowl can best be enjoyed with the company of others. So, if you don’t have any plans, go ahead and find a party to attend, or just be a part of the family festivities that will ensure this list helps put your experience to the next level.

Don’t bring a store bought party tray to your event. It may seem easier to say “I don’t have time to bring anything” or “let me just scavenge off of what other people bring,” but bringing a fresh, homemade dish to your party will put you in the front of the conversation. Having a homemade dish of chip dip or a hot and ready appetizer can elevate your party game, and help you succeed in the food department.

Do participate in watching the game. Even for you non-sports fans out there, the reason there is a party is because of the game. So watch the game, even if it is the only time you watch football that year.

Don’t skip out on the halftime show. The half time show is something that can bring a little elevation in the entertainment at the party. Make sure you don’t miss out on the live concert this year.

Don’t overthink the squares game. You can find this party game at every Super Bowl party, and there is always that one person who brings in their statistical analysis on how to perfect your chances. The rule is simple: just pick the squares. The game is meant to be a fun social activity to involve different people at the party, so just have fun with the randomness of winning and losing.

Do help in the cleanup of a party. Of course make sure the game is over before the party clean up commences, because a party isn’t over till the final whistle blows. But after the whistle blows, and the festivities are calming down, help end the party by cleaning the place up a little.

Do, above all,stay safe and follow the law and watch out for your hardcore partying friends or family. No one wants to be bailing out their grandpa or aunt because they were drinking too much.

Do attend the after party, because the Super Bowl is only the beginning and the start of what can be a great night of festivities.

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