EMU student creates scholarship through t-shirts

College can be tough, especially with the costs that come with it.

Eastern Michigan student Joey Stinson found this out firsthand but decided to help out students in similar situations by creating a scholarship using money generated from t-shirts that he designed.

“I came up with the idea after dropping out of school a year ago,” Stinson said. “Before I left I was struggling between attending class and working to pay my rent and tuition. I remember people kept asking me if I was okay or stating that I looked a little rough around the edges. It was a difficult time in my life full of fear and unknowing. After dropping out and starting MustBeMichigan.com, former [EMU] President Susan Martin helped me return to Eastern. I wanted to do something that would benefit an EMU student but also give back to our community in the way that she helped me.”

The concept for the EMU-themed shirts was inspired by EMU Executive Director of Media Relations Geoff Larcom and EMU Athletic Director Heather Lyke. One shirt reads, “I Read Geoff Larcom’s Emails” which alludes to emails that Larcom sends to the student body almost daily. The other shirt states, “I Lyke EMU Athletics” which is a play on words using Lyke's name.

Purchasing the shirts will help Stinson fund the scholarship.

“I came up with the shirt idea upon meeting media relations coordinator Geoff Larcom and seeing what a savvy, cool, hip guy he was,” said Stinson. “I could see why he is such a popular entity on campus seeing as he has such an infectious personality. I thought he would be a big hit and could contribute the most to the student scholarship fund and asked his permission to make the shirt. We're hoping to raise at least $200 from t-shirt sales and impact a student’s life.”

Those interested in entering Stinson’s contest must write a 500-word essay describing who you are, your aspirations, why you need the scholarship and what you'll use the scholarship for. The winner will be selected on April 30.

“The whole idea behind this scholarship is that a struggling student could use a few extra bucks to help them get through a particularly difficult semester,” Stinson said. “Perhaps a textbook, a haircut, groceries, or a new outfit can really help out in times of trouble.”

“Take it from me, one of my favorite philosophies is if you dress well, you test well. Anytime I feel anxiety about an exam, I dress extra spiffy and feel confident enough to pass that test with average colors. It's important to note that the dress well test well theory is best used with studying and not as I have used it, a Hail Mary to somehow magically pass through college.”

To enter the contest, visit Stinson’s website at http://thefineprintcreative.com/emuscholarship/ and to purchase the shirts go to http://thefineprintcreative.com/emu/.

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