Finding the right swimsuit for your body shape

The key to enjoying a vacation or the warm weather in general is wearing the perfect bathing suit. Every unique body shape has a bathing suit style to show off its distinctive characteristics.

The hourglass figure is curvy all around but with a small waist. Find bathing suits of different cuts such as bandeaus with different twists, cutouts and high waists. Asymmetrical suits draw the eye toward the neckline and highlights the entire body shape. Steer clear from suits of different patterns because this can cause disproportions between your top half and bottom half.

A round body which carries more weight in the middle is known as the apple figure. Flaunt those curves in a suit with a solid top and patterned bottom. This suit will take emphasis away from the top half. A shirring fabric, helps define the waist. Surplice-wrap silhouette suits make the waist look smaller. Thick strapped tops provide support while making shoulders look smaller.

A triangle figure has a shape with a large bottom. Buy tops to balance out the difference between your top and bottom shape such as a lighter printed top paired with dark colored bottoms. Dare to take accentuating your top half even more with a plunging neckline. Stay away from bottoms which cut into your thighs like boy shorts. Find bottoms with enough coverage for the bottom half such as a clean-skirted bottom.

Body types with a thick bust are known as the inverted triangle. Adjustable halter tops, underwire and stretchy fabrics will give the best support to the top. Buy bottoms with details on them like frills or belts because this will help balance out your body. Do not use bandeaus because they do not offer enough support.

An athletic figure is lean without having any curves. Triangle tops and bottoms having frills, embellishments and gathering will create the illusion of curves. Monokini suits are great for creating curves. Bottoms with tie-sides are great to adjust to your size. Avoid bandeaus because they will flatten your body.

High waist bottoms are making a comeback and they work for almost every body type. Try one out this summer.

Determine which body figure you are and find the ideal bikini. Share thoughts and comments with us on Twitter: EasternEcho_AE.

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