Making healthy choices to shed winter weight

Bikini season is approaching quickly. There are many different ways to attack heightening physical and mental health to prepare for summer.

Andrea Workman, professor at EMU of Health Promotion and Human Performance, suggests using an application to track food intake helps weight loss. My Fitness Pal is a free application which allows the participant to journal daily food intake, exercise and activities. Tracking these three things helps the participant work towards personal goals.

Logging a daily food journal is another option. Whether you write or type up your food intake, it helps become more aware of what is being eaten. A food journal also can log exercise and activities. Thus increasing awareness of overall health.

Calories are much more than just a calorie. Foods being sold and consumed may have high levels of sugar, fats and sodium. These are harmful to the body in more ways than just calories.

Stick to servings suggested by the basic food pyramid. Visit SuperTracker at This is a website allowing users to type in physical activity target, daily calorie limit and daily food group target and generate a food plan.

Cardiovascular and resistance training are two kinds of exercise which increases fitness level and metabolism. Alongside positive physical effects, exercise can reduce stress as well. Reducing stress can enhance mental health.

Set goals integrating cardiovascular and resistance training exercises to achieve them. Track progress to determine which activities are best for your body. Visit the Offices of Nutrition Services or the REC IM if help is needed on creating a workout plan.

Starting to exercise can be difficult. Do not get discouraged if instant change is not happening. Hard work pays off and positive results will be noticed eventually.

Workman believes, “If you move more and eat better, you will begin to shed the winter weight.”

Shedding winter weight is motivation to incorporate regular exercise and eating well. However, to see lifetime results it takes changing lifestyles all year.

Never forget, the uniqueness of each individual body. At times, your body may not look the way you want it to or how other’s think it should, but what really matters are the positive effects exercise has on your mental and physical being.

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