Senior Capstone Exhibition, Preludes, fights to end common stigmas


The Senior Capstone Exhibition, Preludes, currently on display at the Ford Gallery, displays the work of Eastern Michigan University’s B.F.A. candidates. Students of the capstone class created, organized and installed the showcase to highlight their work.

Michelle Williams’ video, The Outlet, presented four case studies of intense nightmares.

The first case study features Grant Fomin’s worst nightmare, which is a brain-exploding virus, experienced in horrifying detail. Katie Nellis’s nightmare is of a tragic desert visit, which ends in her mother’s death.

The nightmare of James Alexander is of a society controlled by zombies. Everyone participating in the nightmare was forced to find refuge among strangers and team together to fight off the zombies.

The last case study featured an unnamed voice that speaks of her nightmare, the cell phone killer. When the mysterious voice called, there was no answer. Yet afterwards, her friends and family and dog were killed. At the end of the nightmare, she faced the Cell Phone Killer and shot him.

Light/Nature Installationby Shannon Basalla presents a unique wood and acrylic work of art. Circles of different sizes hold unique designs and bright lights are projected through them. This artwork is a distinct representation of the night sky and everything its light shines upon. Basalla’s Light/Nature Installation incorporates the greenery often overlooked in a dark night.

Adam Wright’sConnectedcenters on a couple and the technology involved in their relationship. The cell phones displayed overwhelm the individuals. The overuse of technology threatens the heart of their connection.

Breastfeedingby Briana Hunter addresses the controversial issue of breastfeeding in public. The digital print includes four different images of women publicly breastfeeding while flipping off viewers and telling them to “suck it.” The message is that breastfeeding is always important regardless of a private or public environment.

Use #ENDTHESTIGMA on social media to inspire others to stay strong and keep fighting to end common stigmas portrayed in the Prelude exhibit. The exhibit is available for viewing until March 30. Tweet us your comments and thoughts on Preludes @EasternEcho_AE.

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