Student stands out for consent week


Eastern Michigan University student, Gretchen Wiese stood in front of Pray-Harrold Tuesday afternoon in support of Consent Week.

Consent week started Monday with the Screening of "No! The Rape Documentary." 

While events are scheduled all week students plan on standing around high traffic areas of campus with signs discussing consent with students throughout consent week. 

Wiese's sign was gender neutral and gave several examples of what "no" means when related to sexual consent. 

Wiese was outside Pray-Harrold from 12:30 to 2 p.m. only talking to those who walked up to her.

"I have received only positive feedback, lots of thank you's from women and thumbs up from men," said Wiese. "I am here to help people be a little bit more informed about consent."

Tonight the Women's Resource Center will be hosting Take Back the Night, an internationally held march and rally to protest sexual assault and all forms of sexual violence.

Students are invited to come to the Student Center Ballroom B and learn more about consent and stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault in a march around around campus. 

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