University Christian Fellowship

University Christian Fellowship members and church goers after service, Student Center Rm 310.

In Early September University Christian Fellowship’s annual street carnival shutdown Saint John Street on EMU’s campus. The carnival brought attention to an otherwise quiet campus home. The painted white house has sat on St. John Street across from Best Hall going on 16 years, and for it being so close to campus the home has gone unnoticed more often than it goes noticed. The home can however be noticed for its long blue sign that runs the length of the porch and it reads, “University Christian Fellowship.” University Christian Fellowship (UCF) is a faith based campus organization.

“UCF is one of the best kept secrets at EMU, and it’s time to let people know that we exist. It’s hard to label us as just one thing because the heart of what we do is to try and touch Eastern Michigan as a whole. We are talking about both diversity and international students. While we are also trying to help incoming freshman, while not leaving out helping our grad students as well,” said Sarah Jackson, University Christian Fellowship Director, Pastor, and EMU alumni.

The UCF house is used for meetings, activities, and life group sessions that are held throughout the week. UCF’s church service is held every Sunday at 11:11 a.m. in Rm 310. The house is open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to find out more information.

“We have white students saying they are going to a black church, and black students saying they are going to a white church, and international students just saying they are going to church, so we can’t say we are this, or that we are that. Our mission is more so geared towards helping students grow in their talents and their gifts. We want to help students develop themselves as leaders and influencers in the world, so our heart is to empower them, and to help them figure out how to help put their talents out there, ” said Jackson.

University Christian Fellowship offers resources beyond the basic needs of students and has become a center for community outreach throughout the Ypsilanti area surrounding campus. Some additional resources offered by this organization are rental housing based on availability, tutoring, transportation assistance, and also assistance with removing language barriers.

“UCF has been like my family to me. It was my second semester at Eastern and I got invited to go to UCF church service and I never left. I’m here four years later, and I don’t want to go. This organization has helped me become a better leader, more compassionate towards people, and has also helped me to look at people with more love,” said Latashia Barbee, Criminal Justice major, and EMU graduate student.

UCF is an organization staffed by students that help facilitate day to day operations such as organizing events and mentoring.

“University Christian Fellowship is more than a church. We are an organization that is here for your needs. We are here to meet people where they are at in life, and be both a spiritual and earthly good,” said Nechelle Simone, UCF Communications Coordinator, and Emu Alumni.

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