King Michael: A Glorious Tribute to the King of Pop

King Michael: A Glorious Tribute to the King of Pop, a musical event designed to recreate the feeling of an authentic Michael Jackson concert was held on Saturday, Oct. 8 in Pease Auditorium. The concert featured many of his popular songs, such as “Billie Jean,” “Smooth Criminal,” “Thriller,” and “Black or White.” The main parts performed were by Michael Jackson impersonators. The impersonators were detailed with accurate dance moves and accompanied by backup dancers, like the iconic Moonwalk.

The vibe of the concert was high in energy, and the dancers encouraged the audience to sing and dance along. Each song was accompanied by a new stage set and theme, which gave the concert a dynamic, lively atmosphere.

For example, during the “Smooth Criminal” set, the stage was set similar to a 1950’s film noir with gangsters in suits with fedoras. A fight scene occurred towards the end. The “Jam” segment had dancers perform complicated skating tricks on roller blades, and during the “Thriller” set, the dancers were dressed in zombie costumes.

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