Clothing line mixes fashion with history

Negash, a Detroit based clothing line started by Rocklin Jackson inspired by Egyptian kings.


A Detroit based clothing line called Negash has been creating a line of shoes, shirts, hats and backpacks, the brand was started by Rocklin Jackson, and Avery Norris. The theme is Egyptian kings. Their logo is a Deshret Crown because the crown worn by some Pharaohs in parts of Egypt. The goal is to fuse history with fashion.

“Being that it's black owned, black people take an extra liking to the brand. Our target market was African-American's ages 24-35 but our brand tends to exceed that demographic and is loved by everybody, we don’t discriminate,” said Negash creator, Rocklin Jackson.

The brand has been active since 2007, but recently CEO Rocklin Jackson and CMO Avery Norris made a trip to Las Vegas, NV from a clothing event called, “The Magic Show” where designers from around the country meet, network and check out fashions of the future.

“Magic show was phenomenal. We were able to meet a lot of professionals in the shoe industry that gave us a lot of great advice, and we also able to make some sales,” said Avery Norris.

The designs of the clothing are geared towards reminding society of the rich history of black culture. The designers want to recognize people of color for coming from royalty, and relate wearing Negash to being royalty.

“I believe the consciousness of black people is growing and I feel like their clothing line goes along with it, but I feel like there needs to be more innovation that appeals to people on a deeper level,” said Treonna Turner, EMU Fashion Textile and Merchandising major.

According to the brand holds a 5-star rating, the data was collected from over 305 reviews.

“I’m projecting the brand to go global. We want to be known around the world and we want our product to be worn on everyone's feet around the world,” said Norris.

“The next step for us is to go into the apparel side, more outerwear and more accessories for the brand,” said Rocklin Jackson.

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