YBBW's best friend challenge

You Beautiful Black Woman (YBBW) hosted a best friend challenge Wednesday Oct. 26, in Eastern Michigan’s Student Center. There event was made up of four teams with two individuals on each team, and the goal is to find out how well you know your best friend through a series of questions and events.  During the event it was almost like everyone there was already a family, which provided a friendly atmosphere and made the event even more enjoyable to witness.

“The bond was already tight between us, said Marlon Freeman and Willie King III. so this was just more memories.” They are members of Kings Of Color, brother origination of YBBW.

The contestants were asked a range of questions such as, “how many states has your best friend been to,” or “who is your best friend’s celebrity crush.” They were also put through a vocal trust test where one of the participants was blindfolded, and their best friend maneuvered through obstacles using the sound of their voice.

“The best friend challenge is a spin-off of a YBBW event called, “Adore You,”a challenge for couples hosted in February, so we wanted to something more fun and different,” said YBBW president Candice Caldwell. “Organization of the event could have been a bit different, we could have had contestants that we didn’t already know but that’s just family for you,”  she continued.

A volleyball tournament in late November will be YBBW’s next event.

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