Katherine Hagar's senior recital

Around 50 or so individuals filled the halls of the Alexander Music Building, as Katherine Hagar gave her senior recital, Nov. 13. The recital was one of her last requirements to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in music education.

Katherine sang while her partner Kevin Shay played the piano. The two of them performed songs such as, “Many a New Day” composed by Richard Rodgers for the play, “Oklahoma!” and more aria pieces from Italian, German and French composers.

Katherine is a graduate of Oakland University, and has worked with different vocal coaches. Her current vocal coach IS Emily Benner.

Emily, Katherine and Kevin had only a semester to get down all 17 songs in the performance. They had vocal lessons once a week which Kevin sat in on and rehearsed the songs on piano as she sang.

“As the typical student teacher relationship forms over four years, we only had one semester” Said Vocal Coach Emily Benner.

“Most undergraduate performance recitals and music education recitals tend to be largely classical rapporteur and vary rarely would you see a lot of this, but Katherine is sort of non-traditional and she has spent a fair amount of time between completing her undergraduate degree and coming to Eastern to finish her post grad and teaching certificate. She has been doing a lot of theater, so this is something she identified with and had in her so we decided to go ahead with that.” She continued.

Before going into the final song, Katherine thanked several people in her life that have kept her motivated to this point such has her parents, siblings and boyfriend. The last song she performed was, “She Used To be Mine” from the musical “Waitress,” which was composed by American composer, Sara Bareilles.

“I really liked the last song, after she gave her thank you before going into the song she seemed more emotional and it really felt like it hit home,” said Max Wellington, EMU senior.

Before the senior recital, a student must give a performance in front of the all the five member board as a prerequisite for the program.

During Katherine’s prerequisite performance there was noise coming from students practicing their instruments in the hallway, but she didn’t let it phase her.

“Any kind of performances that I’ve done whether it be theatre, choral or cabaret performances I’ve done with other people, but this is the first one I’ve done by myself.” When asked what’s next, she responded, “I will finish my semester then I will begin student teaching, and then I’ll be done.”

There are currently no other performances lined up for Katherine but it could change soon. 

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