Youmacon comes to Detroit


Youmacon, an anime and comic book based convention kicked off its 12th consecutive year in Detroit. Youmacon is a celebration of Japanese popular culture such as Anime, Manga, Japanese pop music (J-Pop) and more.

The four-day event took place at Cobo Hall and the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. Speakers from around the world came to Youmacon to take part in the convention. One celebrity in attendance was Joel McDonald, director of anime episodes such as, “Deadman Wonderland,” “One Piece,” and “Assassination Classroom.”

The art included panel discussions, video game tournaments, activities, and also included interactive exhibits such as The Masquerade Ball, Jedi Knight Academy, Charity Cosplay Ball,

“So this was actually my second every Youmacon. I first went in 2014 but I wasn’t too fond of how it was ran so I didn’t intend on coming back, but this year I ended up winning tickets so I gave it another shot.” said Bill Turnau, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) senior.

Youmacon holds competitions for the best dressed cosplayer and various range of prizes are awarded to the winners. People came to Detroit to dress as their favorite anime series character or comic book character.

“The cosplayers costumes are great. Looking at everyone else at the con gives me inspiration for my own costumes,” said Alex Neeley, EMU junior. “The game room had a variety of games this year and the social aspect was lovely. All in all, pretty great Youmacon experience.” She continued.

“This was my first time at Youma. I went down on Thursday for the free events and I went to the gaming room which was incredible. I spent most of my time as the ‘Artist Alley’ looking at everything. I had a wonderful time, moving between the two buildings on the Detroit people mover was cool! I plan on attending all four days if I can next year.” Said Sophomore Sierra Bartsch.

Attendees of the convention had the option to attend the whole weekend, or pick and choose which days to attend, and the prices for badges are dependent on the day or the event. Youmacon usually takes place either Halloween weekend or the weekend after so fans will be looking forward to the event taking place next year.

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