EMU Sigmas and Phoenix partner to recreate MTV's "Ridiculousness"

Members of Phi Beta Sigma and students gathered following Ridiculousness event.

Eastern Michigan University Phi Beta Sigma fraternity incorporated partnered with Phoenix to host the second annual Ridiculousness inspired event.

The event featured a similar setup and style to the MTV show Ridiculousness. It was hosted in the auditorium of the Student Center, and on the stage was a single host and also a panel of three additional commentators. There was over 250 students in attendance.

“The show brought the student body together to share a laugh with each other, as one family to release stress of upcoming finals,” said Tori Pennington, EMU junior.

Phi Beta Sigma fraternity incorporated is 102 year old fraternity built on culture for service and service for humanity.

When asked why the fraternity brought the event back for a second year, EMU Sigma and co-event coordinator, Wyman Stewart II said, “We hoped that it would be funny and we felt that this style of event is appropriate for the culture of college students.”

Phoenix is a campus based organization geared towards raising awareness and fundraising for causes and grants. The organization specializes in event planning, public relations and media communication.

“ As an org we have made it our goal to help the students of the university by providing entertainment like none other,” said Davion Reeder, Phoenix President. “It's always a good time when we get to collaborate with other orgs,” he continued.

Phoenix is works of planning their showcase that will incorporate 10 different student organizations and will take place in March.

“The Auditorium was filled to capacity and everyone had a great time and laughed their butts off. Phi Beta Sigma will definitely be doing it again and next year bigger than this year,” said Phi Beta Sigma Vice President of Programming, Ricardo Manning.

The Sigmas will be conducting their annual Sleep-out for the homeless in March. The event is geared towards collecting clothes and monetary donations for the homeless and also spreading awareness through camping outside overnight.

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