Draining the swamp

The Republican Party met in Washington to layout one of the many changes that will be coming in 2017. Although they didn’t want it to make the headlines, news sources revealed many members of the House of Representatives who were against and for legislation that would gut the Ethics Committee in the House of Representatives.

The Republicans who led the charge have since retreated to the sidelines, after a tweet from president-elect Trump said it was a bad idea.

According to Politifact, the Office of Congressional Ethics was created in 2008, following scandals in the House of Representatives during the previous administration. The committee consists of staff hired to check the lawmakers in the House, acting as third party forces.

The vote, if passed Tuesday, would have replaced the staff members with members of the House of Representatives. Republicans could have then controlled the committee, making it less likely for Democratic watchdogs to push a scandal in their path during the next administration.

Many say that this was an attempt to give more leeway to the “powers that be,” while others say the committee is based on pure political drive that is used to take out members of the opposite party.

Although both are true, members of both parties have said this is a terrible decision that gives the Republican Party a bad image before the new administration even starts.

Democrats have publicly said they are willing to work with the new administration, but will fiercely oppose in situations of absurdity.

According to CNN Politics, another issue for Republicans is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Many are criticizing him, due to the lack of control he has over his own party, as he has sided with Trump on this issue, but could not stop his party from pushing the vote.

Republicans have since pulled the legislation from their to-do list, as they being to transform the 115 Congress into a Republican driven powerhouse. As the next two weeks unfold, we should keep a close eye on Congress. Trumps inauguration is Jan. 20, so until then, President Obama is still in power.

Although we are all skeptical of the incoming administration, let’s keep an open mind but slam Trump hard on issues he promised to address. He has already proven that he’s bringing the swamp to Washington; let’s not let him get away with anything else.

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