U.S. spends millions in military aid to Israel

How do you feel about the United States’ aid to Israel?

If you haven’t thought about it -- maybe you should. The U.S. government is taking millions of dollars from taxpayers to support Israel. In 2016, President Barack Obama signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide $38 billion of military aid to Israel over the next 10 years.

Let us do the math -- $3.8 billion per year and $10.41 million per day. Does that sound OK to you?

The new pledge will start in 2019, replacing the current $30 billion military-assistance deal signed by the Bush administration in 2007. This means the US will increase the amount of aid $27 million each year. The US aid to Israel consists of more than half of all direct military aid we provide globally.

According to the Congressional Research Service, “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II.”

Under this pledge, Israel agrees not to ask for more money unless there is a war. What do they mean by a war? Well, Israel-Palestine conflict is actually considered a war. So under the pledge, we would supply Israel with weapons.

You may say to yourself now, ‘I am not really going to be affected by this pledge since it’s the government’s money, not mine.’ Do you know how much of this money is coming from you, as a citizen who is required to pay taxes?

In 2016, our lovely relationship with Israel cost the taxpayers – you -- $9.8 million per day.

Now, let us give a big thanks to the US for helping Israel to become the strongest military supplier in the world. According to a CRS report, Israel was the seventh largest supplier between 2001 and 2008, selling roughly $9.9 billion worth of military goods. Israel also sold $5.7 billions of arms to other countries in 2015 and they will continue to grow and become stronger.

What about Palestine? Do we give them anything? The U.S. gives Palestinians zero dollars in military aid.

Why is that? Well, maybe because we see Israelis as more "white" than Palestinians and the lives of brown people aren't as valuable as white ones. The U.S. did help in other ways by providing funding to United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East, but 76% of this aid ends up in Israel's economy, according to Aid Watch Palestine site.

Our government is giving money to a wealthy country instead of supporting its own country. Israel is actually using this aid to grow its military and the persecution of the Palestinian people.

Can we do anything to change that? Unfortunately, our new president also favors Israel and stands by their side. He even guarantees to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel.

At the end of the road, don’t forget that “we the people” and our voice should be heard more than anyone.

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