Unity Mural Coming to McKenny Hall

Students gathered at the Honor’s college to discuss the future unity mural coming to McKenny Hall, March 1. Last year, Eastern Michigan University endured racist graffiti targeting a large population of our student body. The unity mural is a creative, positive response to this bigoted, negative attack. 

The creation of the mural is meant to unify campus and inspire harmony among future students and members of our surrounding community.

What unites students at Eastern Michigan University? Attendees listed off the following: expression, caring for each other, friendly personalities, shared reaction to racist graffiti, emails from media director Walter Kraft and lastly, compassion.

Attendees collaborated and discussed how to transform these material and nonmaterial factors into a piece of artwork. The mural will include past, present and future aspects of unity at EMU. 

An additional goal of the unity mural is to transform the negative graffiti into a strong, influential piece of art. The mural will inspire and remind students to appreciate everyone at EMU and within our community.

Virginia Camille Zimmerman Ouellette, EMU 2013 communication graduate, expressed her thoughts on unity at EMU. “At Eastern Michigan University we are eagles. This is an institution of learning and equality where we rise above trials and tribulations by unifying and, together, holding true to our core values: excellence, respect, inclusiveness, responsibility and integrity. We have to and always will carry this attitude, the essence of this mural, to the global community to illustrate how we respond to adversity and hate.”

The mural will be painted on the ceiling in McKenny Hall Lounge. There is two hundred and seventy feet of space available. The mural will be constructed in a paint-by-number fashion to include as many EMU community members as possible. Look out for an art class designated to creating the Unity Mural to be held in Fall 2017.

A second forum discussing the Unity Mural will take place on March 20 from 6-8 p.m. The meeting will be focused on the history of unity at EMU and special guest lecturer, Dr. Mark Higbee, will be speaking. Students, faculty, staff or members of the community interested in actively engaging or supporting the Unity Mural creation are welcome to attend.

What do you think unifies students at Eastern Michigan University? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter: EasternEcho_AE. 

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