EMU celebrates student writing

Writing 121 students of EMU presented captivating works to students, staff and faculty at the Celebration of Student Writing (CSW), April 6.

Students of writing 121 courses innovatively reconstructed research work completed in the classroom. Students displayed original works to community members of Eastern Michigan University.

Director of the First-Year Writing program, Derek Mueller, passionately stated “The event is among the richest displays of student work at the university. Because it is inclusive rather than selective and because it brings together the work of approximately 1,200 students each semester, the CSW culminates with profound insight into the vast interests and stellar work being done by first-year students at EMU.”

The First-Year Writing program at EMU holds a promising reputation.

Mueller believes the CSW “punctuates the semester with an exclamation point and attests to the solidity of the first-year writing experience while affirming that yes, this university celebrates an immense variety of student-initiated pursuits and you can do great things here.”

The purpose of this event is to transform written research into an expressive form. The inspired process teaches students invaluable experience essential for future courses and careers.

Zaynab Jamil, sophomore robotics student at EMU presented The Question of Robot Consciousness. Jamil shared her experience at the CSW and what she learned from the process. She said, “I appreciated seeing what others think about robotics, since it is such an interesting topic.”

Freshman exercise science major, Alicia Allen, said, “I value how creative and different all the projects were. Also, how interactive some were. It was cool to see all the different topics in such different ways.”

In what creative ways did you share your WRTG 121 projects? Did you learn any fascinating facts about a novel topic? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter: EasternEcho_AE 

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