Stop surviving, become a 'Bawse:' A book review

Life does not come with an instruction manual, but there are people out there that graciously pass their wisdom to others. Lilly Singh is one of those people and with the help of her book “How to Be a Bawse,” her stories will inspire and motivate to help be successful in not only changing your mindset and productivity, but also opening a new viewpoint on how to strategically get where you want to be in life. The chapters within this book are short yet engaging -- for even the busiest of college students. 

Many people have heard to get out of their comfort zone. That is because experiences and opportunities come your way when you get uncomfortable. Singh believes this and I fully agree. A quote from the chapter “Get Uncomfortable “ shows Singh believes by getting ourselves away from our comfort zones, we begin to see experiences that come to us that otherwise would never have happened had we chosen to stay wrapped in the security that is our comfort zones. 

“You have to seek out situations that make you uncomfortable and then throw yourself into them.”

When has someone said that they wish they would have stayed in their room more? The answer is zero. 

The message is clear through her use of stories that she has experienced every piece of advice she is giving throughout the book. She is a woman at the top of her career because of the opportunities she has made for herself and I think a college student can achieve this mindset through this chapter. Becoming a “Bawse” does not happen by taking the road easily traveled. Everything will not be easy, and you cannot go through life surviving.

College students can sometimes gain the mentality of passing hard classes instead of trying harder to obtain an “A” grade. Surviving on the minimum is not how a true “Bawse” works. According to Singh, “Don’t just try to pass classes; try to ace them. Don’t just aim to pay your bills; save enough to travel… That’s the difference between settling like a survivor and conquering like a Bawse.” 

The chapter: “Don’t Survive,” shows that sometimes we can work below our capacity just to get by in life. Instead we should be striving to fully use our abilities to climb to success in all aspects of our life -- whether it be our careers or hobbies. Singh chooses her priorities and her top priority is to conquer, not survive.

Singh’s use of personal experience and down to earth writing feels as if she is talking to you in person -- feeling as if she is a sister parting her years of knowledge to the reader. For college students, this book creates a laid-back atmosphere while reading while motivating and inspiring the readers to challenge themselves to become better, to aim higher, and to set themselves up for learning and new experiences. Her real-life stories in each chapter are also entertaining and engaging while still being short in length to appeal to most readers. 

This book is great to pick for a new perspective on life and I recommend it to any college student this school year.

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