'White Supremacy' posters found at Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University Student Body President, Miles Payne, tweeted an advisory to EMU campus to lookout for posters from a white nationalist organization called "Identity Evropa," Thursday, Sept. 7, from the Student Government Twitter page. 

The tweet – posted at 5:57 a.m. – said: “Please, be advised EMU. We have been told, if you see these 4 flyers, you are within your legal rights to take it down,” along with a picture of the different posters. 

"Identity Evropa," according to their website, is a “fraternal organization for people of European heritage located in the United States that engages in community building and civic engagement.” Although the organization rejects the idea of being called, “white supremacists,” they practice the ideas of Identitarianism. 

According to the Miami Herald, the Identitarian movement “is a white nationalist movement that advocates the preservation of national identity and a return to 'traditional western values.'”

EMU officials have found and removed five “Identity Evropa” posters over the last few days. 

"The fliers and the hateful, racist causes they promote run completely counter to Eastern’s core values of diversity, inclusiveness and respect," Geoff Larcom, university spokesman told the Detroit Free Press, Thursday. 

The posters go against not only EMU’s core values, but also the university’s posting policies. 

Leigh Greden, adviser to the president and EMU Student Government, told Payne the posters could be taken down because of how and where they were posted. 

“He [Leigh] let us know that we ‘cannot take them down because of the content’ but because they violated policies in regards to why and how they were posted and that’s why they can be taken down,” said Payne. 

The posters are the third separate act targeting EMU minority students including racial graffiti found during the 2016 fall semester and “alt-right” business cards found during the 2017 winter semester. 

“I will do whatever I can to keep hateful and violent rhetoric of this campus because what they want to do hurts and harms a lot of cherished members of our community,” Payne said. 

Payne also took to Facebook Thursday with a post that said: “White Supremacy is here at Eastern. If you see these, please take them down.”

“Our students are resilient,” said Payne. “Even though this message continues to grow and gain traction, I feel confident that the people at Eastern will be able to persevere any attack that comes through,” he said. 

“I believe an attack on any of our Eagles of color is an attack on all of us. If we, as Eagles, stick together and don’t give them [hateful groups] the time and day, and we are smart and tactful about how we share our message, they won’t be able to bring us down.” Payne said. 

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