Ariel Pink to play Detroit's El Club


Ahead of the release of his latest album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, lo-fi character Ariel Pink has been travelling on his first multi-show tour in almost two years, which then also coincided with the release of his previous record pom pom. With this tour, Ariel Pink will be visiting Detroit’s El Club on Sunday, Oct. 29 along with opener Bite Marx.

With past reviews of Ariel Pink’s live shows, via Ticketmaster, mentioning Ariel “eating hamburgers on stage,” and various uses of the phrase “glitter bomb,” the show is sure to be intriguing. Another review compares seeing Pink live as “attending a Beach Boys show where they just turned it up to 11.” This is only from his tour two years ago. Seeing as sounds from pom pom are weaved into Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, the sounds, echoes, and theatrics may be even stronger this tour. 

According to, in the few dates played on the tour thus far, Pink has played more than half of Bobby Jameson, with songs like “Time to Live,” and “Dreamdate Narcissist,” running the forefront. Also sprinkled in seem to be songs from past albums, such as “White Freckles” from pom pom, and even “Menopause Man,” a throwback to the album Before Today, when Ariel Pink released music under the name Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti. 

Dedicated fans of Pink, as well as anyone interested in the loud and unique, is viable of having a memorable experience. The Echo will have the opportunity to attend the show, so check back here after the show next week for a corresponding review! Tickets for the show can be found on El Club’s website, as well as information on other upcoming shows from the venue.

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